Swift Catalog Services

Online Catalog Services

Small and medium sized businesses have seen a huge upsurge in revenue generation due to web-based trading. With e-commerce getting immense popularity over the years, it makes sense to leverage not just desktop users but also PDA, tablet and smart phone users to browse through your product catalogs and explore your services.

Our Catalog Services

Swift’s digital catalog conversion services can be categorized into the following broad categories:

  1. Online Catalog Conversion

Our catalog conversion services are designed to attract customers immediately regardless the product or service category being sold. As a part of catalog services, we add product/service descriptions; optimize product images in best possible resolutions, and index and update products effectively to increase consumer search ability.

  1. Custom Designed Websites

Catalog content management services from Swift can help you provide marketing information to different customers, channel partners, customer service reps, prospects, sales people, etc. in the format they require.

  1. Catalog Building and Indexing

While dealing with catalogs, it is very important to ensure systematic indexing and intelligent categorization. Our prime objective, while creating catalogs, is to help customers find products and services easily. Catalog management professionals at Swift are trained to understand the needs of online buyers, and are well-versed with all the categories and sub-categories. They understand what an online buyer is looking for; their experience in providing catalog building and indexing services helps them analyze industry trends and make the best use of the categories and sub-categories.

  1. Catalog Updation Services

If your organization has online catalogs or web-based catalogs, but no one to update them, outsource catalog updation services to Swift and save on time, effort and manpower. While you concentrate on your core business activities, we will update all your product catalogs on a regular basis. Your updates could be as simple as adding a new product or more complex needs like changing categorizations, Swift can handle all your requirements with equal enthusiasm, accuracy, and speed.

We will also first convert all your paper catalogs into digital catalogs, build and index the catalogs, and then update them on an ongoing basis. As and when your organization releases a new product, we will include it in the online catalog and place the product within the relevant category and sub-category. With all your catalogs being updated on a constant basis, you be assured of increased business.

  1. Catalog Processing Services

Catalogs should entice and encourage customers to buy your products, Swift’s catalog processing services present your products/services in way that will result in increased sales and greater reach. We will enhance, retouch, edit or crop the images of your products and make your online catalogs attractive. By removing backgrounds, adding effects, increasing the brightness or decreasing the saturation level of the images, we can transform the images of your products into attractive images.

  1. Content Management Systems

Shopping is a visual experience, the better images you put up the better sales you would have. High quality photos with detailed descriptions about each of your products will help your customers trust you and improve your relations. Swift houses some of the industry’s leading graphic experts who can enhance pictures for your catalogs and increase your sales.

As a part of this service we offer:

  • Background Changes
  • Zoom View
  • Image Clipping
  • Image cropping
  • Image Enhancement
  • Image Resizing
  • Thumbnail Creation
  • Image Tagging

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