Web Scraping Services

We at Swift Web Scraping  offers affordable 100% risk-free, and accurate  web scraping service , data extraction/scraping, text parsing,  screen scraping, web data extraction, and website scraping  and  custom scraping development service to large companies as well as medium size companies which need data to be processed.

What is Web Scraping?

Web Scraping

Web scraping is an art which is use to make data gathering automated and fast. Web scraping is also known as Web Data Extraction, Web Content Extraction, Web Harvesting, Web Data Grabbing,Web Data Mining and Screen Scraping.

If you are looking for someone who can scrape data from websites, web pages and web directories then you are on right place. We are offering web scraping service  from last 6+ years. We have experienced developers and analysts who works on scraping projects. Our team can offer an outstanding data extraction service to our clients. We have already completed complex scraping jobs.

We provide following scraping services :

  • Crawl website for content extraction and provide extracted content in various format such as Microsoft Excel (.xls), XML, Microsoft Access (.mdb), SQL, etc. This service can be useful for collecting data such as Real Estate Properties, Product Scraping from E-commerce website, Business directory Scrapinglike Yelp and Manta.
  • Scraping products from E-commerce website for price comparison.
  • We also provide PHP script for real time live web scraping i.e scraping weather, score, stock exchange data from other sites and display on your website.
  • Scraping Web Datafor  lead generation like email scraping, Telephone no scraping, business address scraping for telemarketing.
  • Scraping product reviewsand ratings.
  • Scraping email addresses to boost marketing of your product.
  • Link scraping for back-links generation.
  • Keyword scraping for SEO purpose.

We can gather data from:

  • Online Business Directories
  • Ecommerce Stores and Websites
  • Yellow Pages Websites
  • Financial Sites
  • Every Online Source That You Need

Web scraping uses in wide range of fields where data plays key role. In short you can use scraping service to gather data which you want and that are already available on some websites publicly.

You can request for a Free sample scrape for website from where you want to extract data. We will come up with sample scrape data as per your requirement.


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